A novel approach for Muttluks

with ‘Following Atticus’ debut

FA cover

Tom and Atticus


 Muttluks has made their literary debut on the cover of Tom Ryan’s new book,      “Following Atticus” published by William Morrow. 

 The Following Atticus and Muttluks story started many years ago. Living in New  England, Tom outfitted his best friend Atticus, a miniature schnauzer with        Muttluks. When Tom and Atticus set out to climb all forty-eight, four thousand-  foot peaks of New Hampshire, in the winter (as a tribute to a deceased friend),  Tom contacted Muttluks to let us know about their journey and Muttluks was    happy to support them every step of the way.

 As their adventure grew into a book, we were pleased to discover, not only were we on the cover, but Muttluks  also received a ‘pawsitive’ testimonial from Tom, “If we were heading to the White Mountains in December . . .  he was going to have to wear his Muttluks on a regular basis (Muttluks are ingenious fleece-lined dog boots.    He  wore them often in Newburyport during the winter months to keep the sidewalk salt from burning the pads of  his paws).”

“We get many requests for Muttluks but few with as much personality and intrigue as this one had,” explained Marianne Bertrand, Founder and President, Muttluks Inc. “Tom managed to capture our attention and imagination. We were all inspired by his adventures with Atticus and followed his blog regularly. When Tom mentioned the book we were happy for him and thrilled to discover Atticus wearing his Muttluks on the cover.”


Following Atticus is an excellent read and certainly not your typical man and dog story. It’s a saga of adventure, friendship and family, an  inspiring tale of finding love and discovering your true self.  


Find out more about Tom and Atticus directly at http://www.facebook.com/FollowingAtticusBook.

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