Muttluks and the Year of the Dog

Muttluks and the Year of the Dog

According to Chinese astrology 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog from February 16, 2018 to February 4, 2019. Muttluks was born in 1994, many moons ago, in the Year of the Wood Dog when Marianne Bertrand, the founder and Sherpaw of Muttluks, was gifted a set of simple polar fleece dog boots for one of her basset hounds, Bertie Basset. It was a humorous gift that turned into no laughing matter when it became the seed of conception for Muttluks dog boots we know today.

Lunar Calendar
The Chinese Zodiac has a 12 year cycle based on the lunar calendar and the movement of the moon. The dog is the 11th sign in the cycle. Each year is also designated by one of the five earthly elements; metal, wood, water, fire and earth. People are said to have certain personality traits based on the year in which they were born.

We thought it would be interesting to compare the Wood Dog personality traits to Muttluks as a company. We found it to be quite accurate and telling of the nature of Muttluks as a whole.

Making this World a Better Place
Wood Dogs are said to be the most imaginative and creative of the Dog signs. Considering Muttluks strives to be unique and won the Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the innovation category, we would rate that as accurate.

The Dog sign in general is honest, loyal, sincere, reliable, considerate, understanding, patient with a deep sense of duty and making this world a better place. Muttluks is known for all those things. Most notably the altruistic donation of 850 sets of dog boots to 9/11 and making history by being the only product to cross the Canada/US border on a day the border between the two countries was closed. The Muttluks Woof Wish program which offers discounted product to working, service or disabled dogs speaks to all those traits.

Born Leaders
The trait we thought was the most interesting was that people born in Dog years tend to be superior industry leaders, have clear goals in life which they meet with innovation on a daily basis.

Aside from all this, it’s doggone interesting that Muttluks, born in the Year of the Dog and makes products for dogs. We’re all about making this world a better place for dogs.

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