Muttluks – Truly Canadian - eh!

Muttluks – Truly Canadian - eh!

Muttluks is Canadian and proud of it! The Original Muttluks – the boot that started it all – was born and bred in Toronto Canada in 1994 and to this day is still made in Canada. Muttluks are as Canadian as Maple syrup, a true Canadian icon.


Tricks of the Trade

Why does all this matter? Now more than ever consumers care about where and how products are made. Now more than ever “Made in Canada” carries weight in the market place. Corporate ethics and integrity are as important to some consumers as the products themselves. Made in Canada has so much value that many products infer or insinuate products are Canadian made when in fact the only thing Canadian about them is the head office location and not the products themselves. Tricks of the trade include using the word Canada or Canadian in the company or product name, using terms like designed in Canada, using the symbol of a maple leaf with made in China in miniscule print below it (usually so miniscule it’s intentionally unreadable) or omitting the country of manufacture all together. Let’s face it, if it’s made in Canada and being sold in Canada, the packaging usually conveys it loud and clear. If the country of manufacture is not mentioned, the product is most likely not Canadian made.

Not all Muttluks products are made in Canada. The difference is Muttluks is up front about it. The products that are Canadian made show it loud and proud; the ones that aren’t clearly indicate the country of manufacture.

Presidential Gift

Muttluks authenticity and “truly” Canadian heritage made them worthy of being gifted by Prime Minister Trudeau to President Obama’s First dogs Sunny & Bo. That’s serious Canadian clout in the market place.

Muttluks tag line is “Integrity at Work”. That’s because integrity is woven into every Muttluks product. To us integrity is what being Canadian is all about. We’re not alone. Canadian products have a global reputation for quality. Canadians themselves have a global reputation for friendliness and honesty. That’s pretty good, eh?

True North

The bottom line is “if the shoe fits wear it”. Muttluks Canadian made products are “truly” Canadian, no if's ands, or butts. No faking, fudging or marketing tricks required. The true North strong and free.

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