Muttluks Woof Wish Program


Helping dogs help people

The Muttluks Woof Wish Program was created to ensure every working or disabled dog would have the products they need and is a big part of how Muttluks gives back to the community. 

The Woof Wish Program provides a 50% discount to support Service/Working dogs, Search and Rescue (SAR) dogs and disabled dogs.

The Muttluks Woof Wish Program provides for dogs in need or humans in need through dogs. The donation of dog boots to search and rescue dogs saving lives in the Oklahoma bombing, 9/11, the tsunami in Japan, the Ecuador earthquake and California wild fires are a few of the most notable Woof Wish initiatives. The Woof Wish Program also donates to over 50 pet charities per year. 

Together w
e make this world a better place... step by step, paw by paw.

Please note: To Place Woof Wish orders on-line, email us directly or call 1-888-688-8585 to verify your qualifications and receive a discount code.